Sustainability for Managers
1 Day Workshop

Are you implementing environmental management controls and struggling to get the sustainability
message out to staff across your organisation?

One area that may improve your success is training. It is possible for top down commitment to be achieved through a simple education and awareness programme. Historically, organisations of varying scale have all too often invested heavily in new systems, procedures, processes and occasionally hardware but  skimped on training. Attitudes are changing but sometimes aspects of our business are taken for granted with sustainability and environmental practices being no exception.

This 1 Day workshop is designed to overcome those initial barriers to environmental success by building knowledge and confidence within managers, sustainability champions and staff at all levels. The interactive workshop allows delegates to explore what sustainability means for them and their organisation. We take key environmental objectives and risks from your organisation and encourage delegates to identify what actions they can take to help meet these objectives and improve the environmental position of their business.

Key topics:

  • Understanding Sustainability & Environmental Management

  • Impacts of Climate Change on Business

  • Business Activities and the Environment

  • Sustainability Policy and Regulation

  • Waste Management and Business Opportunity

  • Pollution and Pollution Prevention

  • Air Emissions and Energy Management

  • Sustainable Construction

  • Sustainable Procurement

  • EMS Benefits and Processes

  • Engaging and Influencing to Achieve Positive Action

  • Developing a Personal Action Plan