Pollution Response Training

Accidents causing an oil or chemical spill can happen at any time despite the best management systems being in place. There are steps that businesses can take to minimise the impact of unforeseen spills and ensure that key staff are trained to respond effectively.

This 1 Day CES Pollution Response Training course introduces delegates to the basic theory of spill response and provides practical field instruction in the use of pollution control equipment.

An introductory theory session will cover:

  • Definition of pollution
  • Pollution migration and ground conditions
  • Methodology and equipment to contain spills
  • Groundwater protection
  • Safe storage of fuel and chemicals
  • Developing and practicing spillage plans

Practical field exercises to:

  • Apply theory in typical working environment
  • Instruction in the use of spill kits and absorbents
  • Natural materials to control and contain spills
  • Deployment of spill response equipment in a variety of pollution scenarios

This training is appropriate for staff from Government departments, Local Authorities, manufacturing, construction and logistics organisations of all sizes that regularly use or have holdings of oils, lubricants and chemicals. This training is also advisable for facilities management staff from businesses and Government Offices with oil fired heating systems.

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