CES Supporting Business

It is the mission of CES to assist companies and organisations trying to achieve their own sustainable development as well as those that just want to understand a little bit more about sustainability. Our commitment is to deliver quality and value whilst listening to what you and your business demands.

We offer more than just off the peg training and we are keen to spend time developing the right package for you, that's why we recommend our bespoke training if there are several people within your company requiring similar knowledge.

We have over 18 years experience in the environmental field covering training, consultancy and research in Government, private and academic sectors.

Our wide professional background includes:

  • Sustainable Development

  • Environmental Management Systems

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Contaminated Land

  • Waste Management

  • Pollution Control and Emergency Planning

  • Carbon Management

  • Renewable Technology

  • Environmental regulation and policy

  • Carbon trading and offsetting

  • Energy economics

  • Economic valuation of environmental impacts

Our people combine expert knowledge and research skills with extensive practical ability gained across a broad range of environmental projects. Such a combination makes our training and assistance services comprehensive, up to date and above all flexible to meet different needs. We apply our personal experience and knowledge to each and individual situation to help companies succeed in the market.

As we understand the pressures and challenges for business, we seek practical, cost effective and above all realistic solutions for all our clients.